SenseMaker® Undersøgelser

Få det bedst mulige beslutningsgrundlag til komplekse problemstillinger. En hver god strategi bygger på en god analyse af data. Med SenseMaker® får du et revolutionerende værktøj, som giver en dybere indsigt end traditionelle statistiske analyser og kvalitative undersøgelser. SenseMaker® indsamler små fortællinger og lader respondenterne selv kategorisere og fortolke. På den måde får du kvalitative data med statistisk validitet, så du kan undgå at overfortolke eller overse svage signaler.

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Lidt om SenseMaker® fra Cognitive Edge selv:

Unlike standard research techniques, SenseMaker® requires something that is not as misleading or as simplistic as a survey questionnaire – a signification framework.  The signification framework serves as a way of indirectly asking questions and building a bridge of meaning between the respondent and the researcher.

In any SenseMaker® project, the framework is the critical element.  Yet designing a framework is as much learned art as it is science.  This course focuses exclusively on that single element, giving participants tools, understanding and real experience for building frameworks.  It covers the potential pitfalls and opportunities, helping traditional researchers and novices alike to shift to a more sophisticated way of doing significant research.

What is SenseMaker®?

SenseMaker® is the only software and methodology licensed to use Cognitive Edge’s patented technique that encourages people to both share authentic experiences and then signify their perception of that experience.  It prevents misinterpretation by (even well-intentioned) experts and allows the quantitative analysis of people’s authentic voice.  SenseMaker® provides a tool that gives equal voice to everyone without prejudice and while reducing researcher bias and as such has been used to:

  • Understand indigenous people’s perspective on their world
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Develop co-created strategies and programmes in the international development world
  • Explore consumers’ underlying attitudes to products and services – and identify opportunities to enrich customer loyalty
  • Engage with citizens on complex policy issues


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