SenseMaker® SafetyScan pilot presentation now available

It’s now possible to try using SenseMaker® SafetyScan – for field reporting on safety in your organization. With SenseMaker® you can identify attitudes and behavior and use the collected data to influence behavior and safety culture.

  • On the basis of great feedback to the MasterClass on “The Future of Safety Management”, we (Rambøll, and Cognitive Edge) is offering an opportunity to try SenseMaker® in small scale in your organization.
  • Besides testing SenseMaker® you will get intensive training in dealing with complexity and decision making – in potentially unsafe environments.
  • The pilot will include useful actionable results and suggestions for how to improve safety

What you get from this pilot

  • Patterns, trends and weak signals that no other system can detect, because of level of complexity
  • Actionable insights and key learning points to improve safety management
  • More nuanced and finely grained detection of specific risks and hazards
  • Measures attitudes and behaviors – positive and negative, that you can either dampen or amplify

Contact me today, if you want to learn more about SafetyScan pilot in your organization. 20140912_SafetyScan Pilot Presentation

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