Safety culture

Improve both productivity and safety by focusing on resilience. In our continued efforts to develop safer working environments, we are working with some of the world’s leading specialists to give us their vision of the future of safety management.

They all emphasize that it is both possible and necessary to improve productivity and safety at the same time. Historically we have been focusing too much on protective safety and preventive measures, as seen by the common methods used for accident analysis and risk assessment.

Now it’s time to focus on resilience – on how to improve a company’s ability to cope successfully with both expected and unexpected conditions, changes, disturbances, and opportunities. Resilience engineering does not look at human variability as a liability, as something that should be kept in check, but rather as an asset that is the basis for coping successfully with the unexpected and unforeseen.

We are offering a full program to improve both safety and productivity together with Rambøll and Cognitive Edge, including collecting micro narratives (SafetyScan (R)) revealing attitudes and a training program for how to work with attitudes with the use of narratives.

3rd July 2014 we had a MasterClass in Copenhagen with Dave Snowden, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Cognitive Edge, Erik Hollnagel, Professor at the Department of Regional Health Research, University of Southern Denmark and Tom McDaniel, Global Manager Zero Harm and Human Performance at Siemens Energy Service Fossil.

Below you can see the presentations from the event:




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